The lolsingularity is near HERE!

First there were the lolcats and they were good.

Then came the lolrus, and the loldogs, and the webtertrons saw them and they were good also.

Soon followed the lolgays, lolcode, the lolbrarians, and others of their ilk!

And yea, even lolbots and loltrek propagate their lolmemes within a single rotation of the earth!

And the webtertrons saw that the pace of lolmeme creation and spread was accelerating exponentially, and they TREMBLED.

The coming lolsingularity is an inevitable event that will shake the webtertrons to their CORE!

The lolsingularity is BEGINNING

Courtesy of Toba. Thanks Toba!

Accepting content submissions to lolsingularity atsymbol gmail period com. Pix, linkz, riting, and especially some sort of physics-defying gravity bong.

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